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Do I need a anchor? I am coming down the avon fron Stratford in May.

Asked by: CHRIS ANDERS  | 9.37am, Saturday 2 May

WW says:

I have a different view to the Editor! I would suggest that any boat on a river navigation needs an anchor- the handbook for the Avon suggests it as essential equipment- and it is a requirement on the Severn (it would be quite easy to get into trouble if you couldn't stop the boat after engine failure- such as something round the prop).
A Danforth pattern anchor is probably the best, with a decent length of chain (say 20ft) then around 80ft, at least, of line (not polypropylene, which floats!)

Mark Langley  | 7.21AM, Wednesday 20 May

Readers say:

No, you don't. The Avon is a comparatively calm, narrow river. If you are planning to venture out onto the (wider, deeper) Severn, though, an anchor is worthwhile.

Richard Fairhurst  | 2.29PM, Wednesday 6 May

I have always thought that an anchor is essential on any river, partly for if the engine fails and partly for use if the river rises suddenly (as the Avon can) and you can no longer make headway. In 30 years of boating I have twice needed an anchor when the engine failed.

David Hymers  | 2.30PM, Friday 5 June

On any river always carry an anchor and have it ready for use (dont forget to secure the bitter end). an anchor is the only way to stop if your engine or propeller should fail.

John Lancaster  | 4.26PM, Thursday 10 September

I think it would be helpful if WW published a feature on anchors. I recently bought one for my narrow-boat and was surprised that there was very little knowledge around about types, suitability and fitting. I had an incident on the Thames a few years ago where the anchor was deployed. Luckily I had been advised to secure it to the stern dolly instead of it's normal fixing on the bow. This prevented the boat swinging round in the current and hitting a bridge stanchion!

Jeff Walklate  | 2.17PM, Monday 9 November

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