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central heating

Hi Folks My boat has a diesel stove with three radiators. I would like to replace the 230v pump with a 12volt pump so as to reduce the demand through the inverter. I wonder if this is possible and has anyone experience of which pump would be suitable.

Asked by: D. B. Sandal  | 9.39pm, Friday 8 May

WW says:

There are a number of good 12V pumps available, specifically for central heating circulation pumps. I am surprised that you have a 230V pump running from an inverter- not a usual system. Many of the big pump manufacturers (Jabsco, etc) make low consumption pumps for this task- just look in a good chandlery or online.

Mark Langley  | 7.17AM, Wednesday 20 May

Readers say:

I have the same issue on my boat too, Ely boat chandlers sell two 12v central heating pumps which i intend to buy one of them, the cheaper is £155 and the dearer is £188 approx.

Lee Farrell  | 7.45PM, Sunday 14 February

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