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small boat locks

I'd still like pointers to any small scale/small craft lock systems for punts/dinghies/skiffs anywhere in Europe. Water level difference 3.5-4m. I believe there is a slipway for punts in Cambridge. Names? Locations?

Asked by: jefferson chapple  | 9.23am, Sunday 17 May

WW says:

There is indeed a set of 'rollers' in Cambridge, by the mill pond, where a punt can be manually hauled past the weir.
Similar rollers can be found on the Thames at
Richmond, Teddington, Sunbury and Molesey. At Teddington you'll also find Teddington Skiff Lock on the Thames, often quoted as the smallest (operational!) lock in Britain.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.23AM, Wednesday 20 May

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