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electric earth ?

I have just brought my first narrowboat and have noticed there is no earth connection between the 240v consumer unit and the hull. Should the hull be earthed when using a shore connection or is the earth though the 240v shore line.

Asked by: Barry  | 9.49pm, Monday 18 May

Readers say:

In order to avoid shock you must have an RCD fitted and working. In order for the RCD to work you must have the 240V earth and neutral on the inverter (if tht is what you are using) bonded to the hull at the same point.
If you are on shore power and using a diode type galvanic protector then you must ensure that the shore earth is bonded to the hull.
If you are using an isolating transformer then you must bond the neutral and earth of the transformer and bond those to the hull. The shore earth shold NOT be bonded to the hull.

Nicholas Cooke  | 4.01PM, Sunday 24 May

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