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significance of hydraulic drive?

i am looking to buy my first narrowboat. please can you explain how a hydraulic drive differs from the standard gear box set up?

Asked by: kala  | 11.44pm, Thursday 21 May

WW says:

With a hydraulic system, the engine drives a hydraulic pump rather than a gearbox. The pump is connected by high pressure pipes to a hydraulic motor which drives the propeller shaft and propeller.
Hydraulic systems are generally more expensive than the more usual gearbox systems and are normally used if the engine has to be mounted transversely to save space, or in a forward location on the boat to reduce noise levels.
The same pump can also be used to drive other pieces of equipment like a bow thruster and/or a 230-volt generator which makes the initial investment more cost effective.

Graham Booth  | 3.50PM, Friday 22 May

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