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i have always fancied being on the canal. now i have the space in my life to do so. but cannot afford to buy a boat. does anyone know of anyplace or person that i might rent a boat long term,,,same as i rent my flat shoreside ?

Asked by: keith mattison  | 6.07pm, Monday 1 June

WW says:

It's very rare. Perhaps a better bet would be to look into getting a marine mortgage and buying a boat outright.

Richard Fairhurst  | 1.52PM, Wednesday 3 June

There is however one company that specialises in long-term rentals - Escape the Rat Race, http://www.etrr.co.uk/ .

Richard Fairhurst  | 9.44AM, Tuesday 9 June

Readers say:

Have you thought about France, have a look at our barge, www.amitybarge.co.uk

Peter Hill  | 8.31AM, Tuesday 9 June

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