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Gearbox problem

I have a Beta 38 with PRM 120 gearbox.
When starting from cold the the movement into gear is smooth. After cruising for a while and going into neutral eg at a lock, the subsequent change back into gear results in a hard snatch. This happens more noticeably when changing to forward gear,to a lesser extent in reverse. The problem then remains until the engine is switched off and cools down again.
Could the engine speed on tickover be too fast when warm, but ok when cold? or could this be an oil problem eg overheating?

Asked by: Melvyn Haigh  | 3.27pm, Tuesday 2 June

WW says:

There are several reasons that might be worth checking. Newage-PRM do not usually require an oil cooler to be fitted to the PRM 120 model. Firstly, check the oil level on the gearbox- and ensure that you are using engine oil in the gearbox (SAE10W30 or SAE 15W40) and NOT hydraulic oils.
Also, check that the control cable pulls up against the stop when in forward and astern gears- which is slightly different to the oil operated PRM gearboxes (the 120 model being a purely mechanical model).
Also, it is worth checking the alighment of the engine, and that there is no undue misalignment with the prop shaft and the engine, unless a constant velocity joint type coupling (such as Aquadrive or Python Drive) is fitted.
Failing this, you may need to consult a marine engineer. It is worth downloading the gearbox manual from the Newage-PRM website, to ensure that the installation is correct and to locate suct parts as the dipstick and drain plug.

Mark Langley  | 3.30PM, Thursday 4 June

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