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Leisure or Residential

On Waterscape the term lisure/Residential is defined as:

"A residential mooring is one which has planning consent from the local planning authority for use as a primary residence and is authorised for such use by BW. A leisure mooring is not to be used by people intending to use their boat as their main residence."

I work away from home and therefore would be on my Narrowboat just 4 nights per week "Leisure" but many marinas say local councils do not allow this. Is there any way you can check, I am sure this applies to many people. I have a boat at the side of me in Thames and Kennet Marina who was moved from Froud's Bridge for staying more then 3 nights in any week.

Asked by: Brent Brown  | 11.57am, Tuesday 27 May

WW says:

In our experience there is no easy, simple answer to this - we certainly know people who have such an arrangement, but you're right that it's not universally permitted. Some councils allow it, some don't, and some simply turn a blind eye. Unless it's a BW mooring, their interpretation is probably the least important part of the whole thing!

You're best advised to ask the marina (or other mooring operator) in question.

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.03PM, Monday 2 June

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