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Best boat specification

I want to build a new boat and wondered what readers considered to be the best makes of hull, engine, accessories etc?
Has WW ever done a best buy list?

Asked by: Michael Hammill  | 4.59pm, Sunday 7 June

WW says:

People buy narrowboats for many different reasons - for day trips, for extended holidays, for living on or simply to polish the brass and listen to the engine. Consequently, there is no best shell, engine or accessory that will suit all tastes.
The Inland Boatowner's Book, published by Waterways World, has chapters on all these subjects and aims to tell you what to look for when choosing these items, whatever your particular requirements may be. It costs £14.99 and can be bought via this website or by phoning 01283 742970.

Graham Booth  | 10.04AM, Monday 8 June

Readers say:

Thanks and I agree that it is difficult, but car and bike magazines regularly test and rate various elements of the vehicles and often come up with a best buy. Can WW consider either testing or doing a readers poll of various elements?

Michael Hammill  | 9.52AM, Saturday 13 June

For example boats could be rated under the following categories:
Steel Fabrication structures and fixings
LPG Installations
Fire Extinguishers
Engine Installation
Electrical Systems
Appliances and Flues
Pollution Prevention Systems
Soil, waste and foul air systems
Carpentry fixings
Open, closed or specific function design.
Such a rating system would comply with other consumer guides which would help the interested buyer to avoid the legal scam so politely called 'Buyer Beware'. Bearing in mind that boat transactions, unlike house purchases do not include property deeds or other such legal protections, and any prospective buyer could be left paying not only for a boat but for the previous 'owners' mortage on the boat.
Furthermore, The Boat Safety Certificate is not issued for 'many different reasons' or subject to personal 'taste', otherwise insurance and mooring applications would be turned down.
Whilst I realise that many commercial or traders magazines which carry out such ratings or reviews are by no means perfect and often biased in favour of those business's that can afford to use such outlets as marketing or advertising gimmicks others like the 'which' magazine gets nearer to a more objective or neutral consumer friendly assessment.

Lionel Vida  | 2.47PM, Monday 19 April

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