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Sailing times

Could any one tell me the official and the accepted time you can start to use your narrowboat in the morning and the last time in the evening

Asked by: Stephen Saunders  | 7.00am, Monday 8 June

WW says:

There do not seem to be any hard and fast rules although I suspect that British Waterways would prefer you not to cruise during the hours of darkness in case you injure yourself or leave a paddle up.
This could still mean that, during the summer months, you could start very early and finish quite late. If you decide to do this, it is good boating etiquette to cause as little disturbance as possible when passing moored boats.
BW has more positive recommendations when when it comes to running generators or engines to charge batteries. This should not be done between the hours of 8pm and 8am unless you are certain that you are out of earshot of houses or other boats.

Graham Booth  | 3.37PM, Monday 8 June

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