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Boatbuilders locations

Further to my earlier question on specification, I want to visit various boatbuilders throughout the country, but cannot find a location map nor a list of CABA members by county. The only list I can find is alphabetical. Since I would like to visit a few builders over a weekend it would help if I knew they were geographically close.
Can anyone point me in the right direction eg is there an on-line database that can be sifted and searched?

Asked by: Michael Hammill  | 9.59am, Saturday 13 June

WW says:

The British Marine Federation website shows its members on a map, including those in the Canal Boatbuilders Association.
Go to http://www.britishmarine.co.uk/map/findamember.aspx and select Canal Boatbuilders Association using the 'Regions and Groups' menu, then click 'Search Members'. Just a shame that the map doesn't show canals!

Richard Fairhurst  | 9.48AM, Tuesday 16 June

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