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Battery combinations

I have identified one of my four Numax 110AH leisure batteries as virtually moribund (holding a charge of only 8.5 volts!). When replacing it, would it be OK to do so with a sealed battery, even though it will be connected in parallel with conventional ones?

Asked by: Stephen C  | 5.36pm, Saturday 13 June

WW says:

Adding a new battery to an existing bank is not generally recommended. However, you may 'get away with it' if the existing batteries are not too old and the new one is of the same size and type.
If the existing ones are lead acid type and the one you want to add is a gel or AGM type, this is not likely to work as they have different charging requirements

Graham Booth  | 8.11PM, Wednesday 17 June

Readers say:

Thanks very much for your most helpful answer

Stephen C  | 12.23PM, Thursday 18 June

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