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mooring ropes

i have a relatinely new narrow boat. Already i am having problems with mooring ropes wearing away the paintwork. Short of having fairleaves (spelling ?!) fitted, any ideas how i can combat the problem ?

Asked by: andy seymour  | 12.30pm, Wednesday 17 June

WW says:

The best way to stop the ropes damaging the paintwork is to fix something between the two. This could be a fairlead as you suggest or, if you think these are not appropriate on a narrowboat, you could make some plates of brass or similar material and fix them with nuts and bolts or self tapping screws. These plates would not retain the ropes as a fairlead would so you would have to make them large enough to allow for movement of the boat when moored

Graham Booth  | 6.13PM, Wednesday 17 June

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