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basic boat maintenance

My partner and I moved on board our narowboat just over 2 years ago, but he has now died.I don't plan to go crusing by myself, but would like to know more about basic maintenance so that I don't get ripped off. Are there any associations, boatbuilders etc who would offer a course on the basics ? I'm moored in Cheshire on the Macclesfield canal.

Asked by: Sue Harding Hirst  | 9.15pm, Friday 19 June

WW says:

There are a number of courses available- TB Training (Tony Brooks) offers good courses for boaters (www.tb-training.co.uk) as do River Canal Rescue company (www.rivercanalrescue.co.uk). They offer courses all over the place- you might even be able to find Tony offering courses at events, such as the IWA National Festival. Some shorebased RYA training centres offer 1 day engine training courses, but these are more aimed at the sailing/motor cruising market, but are still very good.

Mark Langley  | 12.50PM, Sunday 21 June

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