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River Mersey

Now the link from the Leeds Liverpool is open to the R Mersey is it feasible to cruise with narrow boat from Shropshire Union at Ellesmere Port across the Mersey ? if so who do I approach for the necessery permissions.
Thank you

Asked by: Mike Gladwell  | 5.31pm, Monday 22 June

WW says:

It's certainly feasible but not simple. The section from Ellesmere Port to Eastham is the Manchester Ship Canal, so you need to arrange both the exit from Ellesmere Port (with the local council) and the passage along the MSC. The IWA publishes useful notes for this, though they're aimed more at people heading towards Manchester on the canal - see http://www.waterways.org.uk/Waterways/PrincipalNavigations/ManchesterShipCanal/main_content/MSCnotesnew.pdf .
The River Mersey itself is an open navigation so you need no special permissions to make your way across the tideway.
Finally, you will need to talk to British Waterways, as operators of Liverpool's South Docks, to ensure your admittance to the system there and your passage through to Salthouse Dock (where narrowboats moor). Their Dock Office is 0151 709 6558 but you should also contact the Wigan office, on 01942 405700, for a copy of the Liverpool Link Skippers' Guide. May's WW contains a lot of useful information on cruising the Link in our pull-out guide.
Of course, it goes without saying that you'll need to prepare your narrowboat for a difficult tidal passage, too. We wouldn't recommend this as your first tideway trip, and do be prepared to take advice from the MSC staff.

Richard Fairhurst  | 9.13AM, Tuesday 23 June

Please do!

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.48AM, Tuesday 23 June

Readers say:

Thank you, Richard, most helpful. I have ordered the May and June WW from your office and will let you know how I get on if you like.

Mike Gladwell  | 9.23AM, Tuesday 23 June

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