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Guide to sailaways

is there a guide to buying a sailaway, lined or otherwise. i can see that you have a previous article called starting from scratch to download but have only just started our subscription and am axiously waiting for our first copy so dont have our subsctiption yet, can you supply the reference number or do i need to put credit on the account in the meantime

Asked by: Janet Hubbard  | 4.51pm, Saturday 27 June

WW says:

The Narrowboat Builder's Book (available from the shop page on this website) has much information. Our recent Sailaway Diaries series is a 'hands-on' account which you might also find useful - we'll be uploading the series to the site soon.
I'll have a look at your account and see if we can set up the credit early.

Richard Fairhurst  | 1.28PM, Thursday 2 July

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