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any good suggestions for boat insurance for older boats

I have a old BCN riveted steel plate hulled boat ca. 1930 - converted 1963 into two smaller boats. Over the last few years it has been increasingly difficult to get reasonably priced boat insurance for such an old vessel.

Does anybody have any suggestions for possible companies I could approach.


Asked by: rik brydson  | 3.12pm, Wednesday 28 May

WW says:

If you just want third party insurance, Basic Boat insurance offers cover around the £69 mark (with discounts available for RYA/IWA members).

They seem to be quite efficient as well- have used them for basic cover for racing dinghies in the past.

Mark langley

Mark Langley  | 11.25AM, Friday 13 June

Readers say:

Try Tim Higton at The Warwickshire Fly Boat Co. Stockton Rd. STOCKTON. Warks. CV23 8LD. He has specialised in older boats for many years & would, I am sure advise you.

Eric Hunt  | 9.58AM, Monday 2 June

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