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Stern bearing clearance

What should the typical clearance be on on a narrowboat stern bearing ?

Asked by: Graham Bratcher  | 5.05pm, Monday 29 June

WW says:

If you mean the clearance between the propeller and the back of the stern tube, a rought rule of thumb is 2 fingers width- this allows for the shaft to move forward and aft slightly (which it shouldn't do, however...).
As for the prop shaft itself, there should be no play- it should not be possible to move the shaft sideways, unless there is a cutlass (water lubricated) bearing fitted.
The distance between the front of the stern gland and the flexible coupling (or direct connection to the gearbox) varies immensely, however, the longer the better within reason.
Hope that helps- if not, please give us some more details.

Mark Langley  | 6.20PM, Thursday 9 July

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