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Boat Width

I bought a narrow boat and have just won a court case about it being to wide.There was a article about this in your magazine even though some facts were inccorect.the main fact was the boat builder said in court that he bought the hull from rouge builders.
any way the boat is 7ft and 1 sixteth of a inch at the front and 6ft 8 inches at the back, the boat builders solicitor has asked the court for time to get quotes for a boat builder to reduce the size to 6 ft 10inches at the front, is this safe and practical to do, will it put stress on the metal and cousre corrosion?

Asked by: P PREECE  | 9.59am, Friday 3 July

Readers say:

Before proceeding you will need to correct your spelling and syntax

JIM Marshall  | 9.52AM, Monday 5 July

Oh dear - nobody has bothered to answer your question, P P.
It is perfectly safe to have a boat's width reduced, (or length for that matter) PROVIDING you use a reputable builder, though it is an expensive job to have it done properly, and it involves removing (altering and refitting) a substantial level of all the interior fit-out of course

David Angove  | 5.17PM, Monday 23 August

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