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water tank problem

I have recently painted the interior of my narrowboat water tank with the tank specific bitumastic from a well known chandlers and the water now tastes of bitumen despite bailing and refilling about 8 times. Anyone recommend a flexible tank liner company or should I just paint it again with a different brand?

Asked by: ian ridley  | 6.55pm, Sunday 19 July

WW says:

If you have used a paint that is suitable for potable water tanks, it should not affect the taste of the water. However, one manufacturer does recommend filling the painted tank with water and leaving it for at least four hours before emptying. He also concedes that this treatment may have to be repeated if the taste is not completely removed first time.
If you are still not happy, you could try a tank liner. HCL based in Southampton can make one to measure to ensure a good fit. Their telephone number is 023 8087 1188 and website address is www.hovercraftconsultants.co.uk.
The subject of fitting a flexible liner in an existing tank was covered in an article in the October 2007 issue of Waterways World.

Graham Booth  | 10.39AM, Monday 20 July

Readers say:

Thanks for that, I will give them a ring

ian ridley  | 6.33PM, Monday 20 July

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