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Locking 60 ffet boats in shorter locks

CAn you take a 60 foot boat up & down the Huddersfield Broad Canal, the Calder & Hebble Navigation by placing it diagonally in the locks?

Asked by: Stephen Cridford  | 6.35pm, Friday 31 July

WW says:

Yes, it can be done, with care! My boat is 60ft and moored in Huddersfield. The Huddersfield Broad locks are the tighest fit. Remove bow and stern fenders and, on the Broad canal, consider locating the inside of the cill with the boat shaft when locking down, to avoid catching the rudder.
Having a look on the Pennine Waterways site will also give you some more ideas for fitting in a 60ft boat.
It is well worth the journey, especially if you then cruise the Huddersfield Narrow in its entirity.

Mark Langley  | 4.40PM, Tuesday 4 August

Readers say:

Thanks for that Mark - I will look at that web site. I'm going up the Narrow, onto the Broad & then round & down the Rochdale (& looking forward to it!) Steve

Stephen Cridford  | 5.39PM, Tuesday 4 August

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