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Can anyone help me get a copy of an article please?

My grandad was Harry Vaughan - an old boatman who spent his life working on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. A great deal of my childhood was spent with him on his boat "The Maywyn". Sadly he passed away 10 years ago now. I have started to try to research bits and pieces and came across an article that is listed in the Sep 84 issue of WW called "Boats and People" - I think my grandad may have written it. I remember him telling me he'd written up to the magazine. I can't seem to access it (even though Ive registered for the site) - can someone please help me to get this article ( I think it's on p25). Id be very grateful, thanks - Amanda.

Asked by: amanda o'halloran  | 12.24pm, Saturday 1 August

WW says:

There is certainly an article called Boats and People on page 25 of the September 1984 issue of WW. It is about Harry Vaughan but it was written by Mike Taylor.
The article is slightly less than half a page in length and contains a photograph of Harry at the tiller of Maywyn.
You should be able to obtain a copy of the magazine from our Readers' Services Department on 01283 742970

Graham Booth  | 6.37PM, Tuesday 4 August

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