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Name My Boat

How can you choose a narrowboat name and how do you know that your choice is unique? What if you do select a name and then find a year on that it has been duplicated?
If I buy a second hand narrowboat how do I change the name from a name that is on it which I may not like to another name I choose?

Asked by: Akidma  | 4.01pm, Saturday 8 August

WW says:

WW editor, Richard Fairhurst, answered a very similar question on this website on 6 July 2009 which you may like to seek out. Basically, if the boat is registered with BW, it is known by the number so the name does not have to be unique. On the Thames, all boats must have a unique name but, if someone chooses one that already exists, EA simply adds a number. Popular names like Kingfisher can run well into double figures. If you decide to change the name of your boat, you should contact the relevant navigation authority and ask it to amend the registration records.

Graham Booth  | 8.49PM, Saturday 8 August

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