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We are looking at buying either a new or second hand boat and wondered if anyone can first give an idea of what is a good engine, type rating etc, to consider, and obviously the ones to avoid.

Asked by: Akidma  | 4.18pm, Saturday 8 August

WW says:

Apologies for the delay in replying and the less than decisive answer. The fact is that most modern diesel engines that find their way into narrowboats these days are based on Japanese blocks. Competition between manufacturers ensures that their reliability, ease of maintenance, longevity etc are all fairly similar. Some - like those based on Kubota engines - seem to be a little quieter but the others would probably match this with some extra sound proofing.
If you are buying second-hand, you probably won't have much choice about the make of engine The decision on whether to purchase will come down to your surveyor' report on the engine - and the rest of the boat, of course.
If you are buying a new boat, you may find that the builder has a preferred engine manufacturer. In this case, you can usually specify a different make but you may get an 'I told you so' if there are any problems.
Assuming you are willing to accept this, the decision will probably be influenced by the number of 'extras' like additional alternators, availability, and price.

Graham Booth  | 2.28PM, Tuesday 18 August

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