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Aquariums on boats.

Has anyone managed to succesfully run an aquarium on a narrow boat!? Have seen a picture of a biorb in a feature on a boat, but wasnt sure if it was a permanant fixture! Would value any advice, possible pitfalls and the like! Husband wants to live on a boat but Im loathed to be parted from my fish!

Asked by: Jill  | 9.18pm, Tuesday 18 August

WW says:

I do not recall seeing an aquarium on any of the boats I have reviewed. The main problem, I would imagine, is that boats are not static and could therefore cause the water in the aquarium to slop about. Depending on how stable the boat is, you would get some rocking every time someone got on or off the boat, and hitting a lock gate - not that unusual an occurrence - might cause a tsunami.

Graham Booth  | 2.16PM, Wednesday 19 August

Readers say:

we have a 71 foot narrow baot and been living afloat for 3 years now, and we have a large 4foot tank in our backcabin and it works well. we have put glass panels on the top to stop the water spilling over when were doing the locks, but the fish have been great and healthy.
I would't recommend Marine (salt water) as they are sensitive to vibration and noise, but fresh water tropical fish are fine.
thats a link to a video of our tank.
good luck

rich_bowker  | 6.36PM, Wednesday 17 November

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