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what quantity of materials would be necessary to black a 30 ft hull.?

Asked by: darrel.clark  | 9.50am, Wednesday 26 August

WW says:

This really depends on what paint you are planning to use and how many coats you need to apply.
Assuming that you paint the sides of the hull but not the base plate, you probably have about 30 sq m of steel to cover.
If you use Standard black hull coating. you would need at least three coats and the coverage rate is 10 sq m per litre so you should need about 9 litres.
If you opt for Comastic, you might get away with two coats (depending on the condition of the existing paint) but the coverage rate is only 4 sq m per litre. This means you would need about 15 litres.
You need to find out what type of paint is on the hull already and, if you are only planning to pressure wash it before painting, you should use the same type.
If you want to improve the finish - say from standard black to Comastic or from Comastic to two part epoxy - you should remove all the old finish before starting and the best way to do this is by grit blasting.

Graham Booth  | 6.43PM, Wednesday 26 August

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