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Lights dim when fridge cuts out

Strange but true, when our 12 volt Shoreline fridge swithes off the wall lights noticeably dim and when the fridge cuts in the lights brighten.
It has been suggested that it could be an negative return fault but as the two circuits don't join until they get to either the positive or negative bus bars I can't understand what I should be looking for.
Any suggestions welcome.

Asked by: Richard Tanner  | 8.36pm, Thursday 3 September

WW says:

A definate puzzler! I would try looking at the voltages with a multimeter at different sections of the line. Please let us know is you find out... a negative return fault seems plausable, but unless someone has managed to wire in a relay somewhere... does it make a difference if the engine is running, or if the ignition is switched on (assuming some seperation between engine and domestic batteries, such as a solenoid/relay)?
Good luck!

Mark Langley  | 10.15PM, Tuesday 15 September

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