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Bleeding Diesel Fuel Filters

I have a 50' Mike Hayward narrowboat with a BMC 1.8 diesel engine. There appears to be a pre filter before the fuel pump follwed by another fuel filter afterwards. I cannot get the pre filter to bleed even though I have removed both of the bleed screws. Any thoughts please? - Many thanks

Asked by: Peter Heath  | 8.51pm, Saturday 5 September

WW says:

I quite agree with the above statement. Incidently, if you don't have a copy of the service manual, etc, then a (free) copy can be downloaded from the Calcutt Boats website (www.calcuttboats.com). They are also very good sources of information for BL engines, as they still import and marinise the BL1.8 engine.

Mark Langley  | 10.12PM, Tuesday 15 September

Readers say:

If it is the type of filter unit with a drop off bottom bowl and entries at the top it is not unknown for the top casting to become porous and let air in.
They do not leak Derv but make it almost impossible to Prime.

Ms N Thrope  | 7.54PM, Sunday 13 September

If you have any problems bleeding the system filters then don't, just unscrew the engine injector collars, turn over the engine until diesel appears, tighten the injector collars, wipe up any spilt diesel during the injector bleed. Turn the engine over and it should now start. (Be aware at all times of moving engine belts and pulleys during this method)

2-Blue  | 7.27PM, Tuesday 26 November

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