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PDF Files Missing?

As a subscriber I regularly come to your site for the latest news and info. But, and there always has to be a but doesn't there? Why are there no PDF files available for downloading after April 2005... has there been a breach in your database? Apart from this one small question I am more than happy with the magazine & web site.
Best wishes, Kevin

Asked by: Kevin Lockie  | 1.00pm, Sunday 13 September

WW says:

We leave breaches up to the navigation authorities! More seriously, we've been testing a new system that will allow us to upload the articles more quickly, and we hope to be putting more up once we've got this issue of WW sent to press.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.03AM, Wednesday 16 September

Readers say:

Hi Richard, thanks for the reply.:)

Kevin Lockie  | 6.28PM, Wednesday 16 September

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