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heating systems

we are looking into fitting a hot water/heating system on our new boat. this system will potentially include calorifiers heated by the engine and if possible a second central heating system. i am a complete novice and have very little understanding of plumbing. could you explain how these systems generally work. or colud you reccommend anywhere to look these things up?

Asked by: robbarrell  | 6.31pm, Sunday 20 September

WW says:

We've had two features in recent months (September and October issues of WW) on understanding the plumbing system on your boat. They're not available for download yet but you can order back copies on 01283 742950.

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.44PM, Wednesday 21 October

WW says:

For the easiest answer, buying a copy of the Narrowboat Builders Book and the Inland Boat Owners Book, bth available from Waterways World, will give you the best outline of the different systems that can be fitted.
The engine, assuming it is water cooled, can heat a coil in the hot water tank (the calorifier). A second coil is often fitted to allow a central heating boiler to also heat the water- though the engine is usually quicker, and uses waste heat energy.

Mark Langley  | 5.56PM, Friday 25 September

Readers say:

Talk to someone from Webasto or other boat CH providers. Also to REPUTABLE boatyards, talk to several and you should be able to guess which are reputable.The more the better. It is not rocket science.

Tony Bakinowski  | 8.01PM, Sunday 11 October

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