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n/b lenghts

My Wife & I are planning a new build n/b, for post retiral long term cruising, south of the border.
Initially based/ built on Lancaster or Leeds & Liverpool
We would like to have a minimum length of 60' but 65' would be better.
We hope the build will be high tech diesel / electric hybrid drive, hence the length requirement.
We currently own a 53' semi-trad ( so we are not newcomers ) moored here on Scotland's Union Canal.
The question is...WHERE WILL WE NOT be able to cruise @ these lengths ?
I suspect 65' leaving the Lancaster will be on the back of a truck !!!!!!!
All info & assistance appreciated
Gordon & Jennie

Asked by: R G Ritchie  | 1.50pm, Wednesday 23 September

WW says:

Going diagonally is certainly possible but is always going to lead to some anxious moments. You shouldn't do it if you're not a competent boater, though you do say you have a good amount of experience.
Bear in mind that even six inches can make a difference: a 59ft 6in boat will be more comfortable on the Calder & Hebble than a 60ft.
This question was the very first one we answered on this website, and you can see maps of your potential cruising range here: http://www.waterwaysworld.com/questionspost.cgi?post=1 . Hope this helps.

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.48PM, Wednesday 21 October

Readers say:

The "go anywhere max length" is generally accepted to be 57┬┤. This is the length of the locks on many northern Waterways such as the Leeds/Liverpool - Calder/Hebble - Huddersfield Broad. As many of these are "broad" locks, it is possible to fit a 60┬┤narrow boat in diagonally, however, not a practice I would feel comfortable with. Hope that this has been of some assistance.

Jeremy  | 6.42PM, Wednesday 30 September

Thanks for the advice, I thinh we really need 60'
How dodgy is diagonal in a broad lock!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
Gordon & Jennie

R G Ritchie  | 4.29PM, Friday 2 October

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