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I am going to fit a calorifier to my boat and would like to know the best take off and return points on the engine cooling system for the heating coil. The engine uses a closed cct keel cooling system - any thoughts gratefully appreciated

Asked by: Jeremy  | 6.14pm, Tuesday 29 September

WW says:

It really depends on the type and make of the engine. If the engine is a modern one, it should have tappings to connect the flow and return pipes for a calorifier. If no calorifier is fitted yet, they are probably capped off. To find out where they are and which is which, you need to refer to the engine manual or contact the manufacturer,
My own 1960's Lister HW2 has a tapping just before the thermostat so that the calorifier starts to warm up as soon as the engine is started. The return pipe from the calorifier joins the return pipe from the keel cooler just after it passes through the gear box heat exchanger so that warm water on its way back from the calorifier circuit does not affect its efficiency.

Graham Booth  | 6.09PM, Wednesday 7 October

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