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60' n/b in broad lock

thanks for the answer to my question, which produces another, how problemtaic is 60' diagonally in a broad lock, eg L&L or Huddersfield
Gordon & Jennie

Asked by: R G Ritchie  | 1.00pm, Saturday 3 October

WW says:

One problem that has recently surfaced on the Hudds Broad, is that people who cannot turn their rudder flat against the stern counter will have difficulties in clearing the cill or bottom gates.
Some modern boats have "reboarding steps" or rudder limiters which only allow the rudder to move through an arc of around 90 to 100 degrees. This recently stopped a 60' boat coming up the Hudds Broad (especially lock 4 to 6, which are a bit tighter than the others!).

Mark Langley  | 12.19PM, Friday 23 October

Readers say:

L&L should be no problem since locks are designated at 62ft. Huddersfield are doable with great care, especially going down. Visit Pennine Waterway website, if you can't find it go to www.southpennineboatclub.co.uk and follow link.

Tony Bakinowski  | 8.14PM, Monday 5 October

PS I should mention that I own a 60fter and moor on the Calder and Hebble.

Tony Bakinowski  | 8.22PM, Monday 5 October

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