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Cleaning of water tanks

what was the quantity of bleach recommended in an article about sterilising of watertanks (2007)?

Asked by: Gordon Maddox  | 11.15pm, Thursday 5 June

WW says:

You need to know how large your tank is... then aim for a 50ppm (parts per million) solution using ordinary THIN bleach (supermarkets own is best- the cheaper, the better).

50ppm is 50ml bleach per 1000litres water. For hosepipes, use twice the amount (9ml per 1 gallon, if you prefer, for hosepipes at 100ppm)

If in doubt, see the Sept 2007 WW article.


Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 8.39PM, Monday 9 June

Glad that helped! I also tend to do the hosepipe quite often- so much that I have an old 2 gallon water container, which I have adapted with an old connection, to easily flush through the pipe. That seems to keep it sweet- my hose lives in the gas locker and that gets very hot at times!

You can also add a small amount to the tank at each fill, if you like- but you might need to get a pipette to measure it- to get a 0.5ppm solution you would need 0.5ml per 1000 litres!

Any further questions, let us know. Always glad to help!

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 11.12AM, Friday 13 June

Readers say:

Thanks for the info. the quantity is much lees than I thought. I have a 100gal ss water tank than was drained at the end of last season. in the past I have used boots (milton), ordinary bleach is much cheaper. I have a gal. of Lidl's thin bleach, so I have enough for years to come!!!!!!regards

Gordon Maddox (NB Acorn)

Gordon Maddox  | 8.44PM, Thursday 12 June

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