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holding tank

is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide in my holding tank

Asked by: larry warren  | 7.50pm, Saturday 3 October

WW says:

In small amounts, hydrogen peroxide would be safe, though it should not be used where any formaldehyde based products (such as the traditional "blue" toilet fluid) has been used.
Hydrogen peroxide, even at 3vol concentration is quite nasty- 20 and 100vol are quite corrosive. In large amounts, H2O2 will damage rubber seals and some plastic parts (as it oxidises them). It can also form explosive mixtures with some organic material- and toilet paper/effluent could be considered reactive enough with peroxides.
If you want to use hydrogen peroxide in a toilet tank to encourage bacteria growth then use only very small, dilute quantities. Too much would inhibit microbial action, as H2O2 can act as an oxidising bleach.
A better solution would be using something like BioMagic, which works like H2O2 but in a much safer way.

Mark Langley  | 12.17PM, Friday 23 October

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