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What pressure (& when) in water accumulator

Cold water pump has started to trip in occasionally (2/3 times) a night. No visible leaks, so assume the water accumulator tank needs a bit more pressure pumping into it.
What pressure should "the bladder" be at? Do I pump it up when there is no water pressure on the system, or do I do it when the water pump has pushed the system up to full pressure?

Asked by: Dave Martin  | 10.57am, Monday 5 October

WW says:

If there are no external leaks, the problem could be that the bladder has developed a leak. This has happened to two accumulators on my own boat.
You should therefore dismantle the accumulator and check the bladder. If it is damaged, you may be able to buy a replacement or you may have to replace the whole unit.
Once you are convinced that the accumulator is sound, it can be pressurised. This should be done with the pump off and one tap open. Shurflo recommends that the pressure should be the same as the pressure at which the pump cuts in which is normally around 25psi or 1.7bar. However, individual pumps may vary so you may have to 'tune' the accumulator so that the pump continues to run for a short time after the taps are turned off and does not cut in until they are turned on for a while. This can be done by adding or releasing air via the air valve.

Graham Booth  | 10.59PM, Monday 5 October

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