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Can I use a calor gas fridge on a narrow boat?

We recently bought a second hand narrow boat which includes a modern 3 fuel fridge (12v/240v/calor gas). Using the 12v power it drains the leisure batteries overnight. We thought the solution would be to hook it up to the on board calor gas, but the hand book says it "may not be used for road vehicles and water vessels". Does this apply to narrowboats and are there any "downsides" to this possibly solution?

Asked by: Chris Marriott  | 3.46pm, Sunday 11 October

Readers say:

Plenty of people have three-way fridges connected to the gas on their boat. Your difficulty will be getting someone to fit it for you.
The fridge is probably not "room-sealed" - in other words, there is no flue to vent outside. This means there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning inside the boat.
In reality, if your boat is not hermetically sealed (i.e. you have the BSS standard ventilation), the gas is burning efficiently (not a yellow flame), and you have a working CO detector, you are very very unlikely to be at risk. However, most Gas Safe registered installers will still refuse to fit this, especially if it expressly says "not for water vessels" in the instructions.
Assuming you're technically capable, can you fit it yourself? Well, that's an interesting question. The law theoretically allows you to do so if you're "competent". Expressly disregarding the instructions in the book might go against that - but if you could point to the thousands of boats with them successfully installed, a maintenance schedule, and evidence of compliance with the ventilation requirements, you might be ok. If you're at all unsure, don't risk it.
The current BSS statement is summarised at http://www.boatsafetyscheme.com/downloads/BSSmediabriefingSep2008.pdf .

Richard Fairhurst  | 4.42PM, Thursday 15 October

I have a similiar fridge and posed the same question to the BSS people if you let me have your e mail i can send you there comprhensive reply .

edward Connolly  | 3.35PM, Monday 19 October

Hi, please could you send me a copy of the BSS reply you refer to. Thankyou

chris taylor  | 8.18PM, Tuesday 31 May

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