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Can I "borow" a nb.

Having departed blights shore almost two years ago for a sunny Turkey I am looking to return to Uk 2010 for cruising holiday. Is it posible to make exchange with private NB. owner? Exchange for 3 bedroomed detached private Villa, fishing village location Agean sea shore. Bodrum,Turkey. Or would BWB consider this arrangement Hire and Reward?

Asked by: John Parry  | 8.11pm, Wednesday 14 October

WW says:

Informal arrangements like this are usually not considered "hire and reward", but you should check with BW first. WW's classified pages would be a good place to advertise, or you could post to an online forum such as http://www.canalworld.net/ .

Richard Fairhurst  | 12.02PM, Wednesday 21 October

WW says:

Another consideration would be if the insurance of the boat covered such an exchange- as standard, most policies probably wouldn't cover extended use not by the owners/master of the vessel.

Mark Langley  | 12.11PM, Friday 23 October

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