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How to repair a Powermaster inverter

My powermaster 3000w inverter/charger has failed after 5 years service,since powermaster no longer exist I do not know where to send it for inspection or repair.I have not found anyone able to offer advice in my home town Doncaster. I am confident that the 12v supply is secure but have no no way of knowing what is happening within the unit and am reluctant to throw it in the bin untill I am sure that it cannot be repaired. Can you suggest anyone who could advise me.

Asked by: ashley norton  | 5.13pm, Thursday 15 October

WW says:

Bright Green Energy Ltd used to sell Power Master equipment and says it is happy to advise on or support the products whether you bought them from BGE or not. They can be contacted on 0208 663 3273 or via www.brightgreenenergy.co.uk.
If the unit proves to be unrepairable, you might consider replacing it with a separate inverter and charger. that way, if one fails, you still have use of the other.

Graham Booth  | 12.02PM, Thursday 22 October

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