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hull plating

i am considering having the hull sides of my 60 foot narrow boat plated [subject to survey]as there is some pitting what i would like to know is what thickness plate is recommended as i have been advised by 3 different people 3 different thicknessess also how far approximateley will the extra weight pull the boat down at present it is 18 inch draft
regards R S

Asked by: r shaw  | 7.23pm, Friday 16 October

WW says:

Adding plating to a hull is not a job that is lightly undertaken and, as you have discovered, it is a subject that attracts differing opinions.
The first thing to do is the have the boat surveyed using an ultra-sound scanner to find out whether it is really necessary. If there are areas where the pitting is deep but not too widely spread, you could consider having the pits filled with welding material. If the pitting is too extensive for this, you should seek the advise of the marine surveyor who carries out the survey. Any plating will add to the weight of the boat and will affect the draught unless you can remove a similar amount of ballast. It could also affect the trim if it is unevenly distributed.
Whether you go for welding or replating, you will have to be very careful to remove any flammable material from the inside of the boat in the area where the welding is done as the hull will become extremely hot in these parts

Graham Booth  | 2.55PM, Thursday 22 October

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