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wilderness boats

are they available?

Asked by: Frank Shaw.  | 6.27pm, Thursday 12 June

WW says:

The Wilderness Beaver (the 23ft model) is currently available fitted, from Wilderness Trailboats. The completed boat (fitted by Oxfordshire Narrowboats) was exhibited at Crick Boat Show, and has a brief review in the July issue of WW. It was on sale for £38,500 including 9.9hp outboard and trailer.

Wilderness Boats can be contacted on 01932 247766 and www.wildernesstrailboats.co.uk.

Presently, the other Wilderness Boats (the Otter, Gypsy and Traveller) are not currently in production.

Hope that helps!

Mark Langley

Mark Langley  | 10.43AM, Friday 13 June

Readers say:

I am an ex Wilderness Beaver owner I sold it about 15 years ago and I have ordered a new one which is currently in production. I would be happy to answwer any questions

Tony Radstone

Tony Radstone  | 3.12PM, Thursday 19 June

I am desperately looking for a Wilderness boat, preferably a Beaver and given the choice, a newer one, although I was also be happy to provide some tlc to an older model. If anyone is considering selling I would love to hear from you

sharon  | 8.00PM, Monday 15 May

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