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GearBox Advice

We have just bought a 26' \Narrow Boat and for the 1st Half Hour of crusing the gearbox is slipping
Engine is a Thorneycroft 2 cyl and the gearbox is a Worth 100
we where told this is ist third gearbox
\Looking for advice on changing the gearbox what make should we go for and what rating eg 100/120/150
is it an easy job for a novice

Asked by: Jim Bratt  | 6.30pm, Tuesday 20 October

WW says:

The gearbox is probably a Hurth, not a Worth.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.50AM, Friday 23 October

WW says:

I must admit I have not heard of a Worth gearbox and can find no reference to one on the internet.
If the engine is a Thornycroft, the best people to advise you are Thornycroft Engines based in Preston, Lancashire. They should be able to tell you which gearbox is most suitable for your engine and whether it is an easy job to fit. They can be contacted on 01772 611144 or via www.thornycroftengines.co.uk.
Please note that they is no 'e' in Thornycroft. If you put one in the website address, you may get a confectioners in St Albans!

Graham Booth  | 11.43AM, Thursday 22 October

Have a good look at the oil level inside the box firstly, and then, if it is all ok, check the alignment- if the propshaft is out of line with the gearbox, the excess lateral forces can cause the gearbox to slip, especially if the oil level is low, even on mechanical boxes like the Hurth.
You can also get hold of manuals online (for free!), if you use a search engine engine and look for ZF Hurth 100 (or HBW 100, as I think your gearbox might be)

Mark Langley  | 11.59AM, Friday 23 October

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