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dwell angle for my vetus engine

what does it mean and how would i know
if mine is lined up correctly.it says 15 degrees backward and 25 degrees athwartships

Asked by: mick turner  | 3.34pm, Thursday 22 October

WW says:

The dwell angle refers to a setting within the fuel injector system which affects the efficiency of the engine and the amount of carbon and other emissions it produces.
It should have been set correctly at the factory but, if you feel that it needs adjusting, it is a job for an injector specialist rather than DIY.

Graham Booth  | 4.12PM, Thursday 22 October

It depends on the geometry of the engine installation and the type of flexible coupling you have. If the coupling is fairly stiff, it is more important that it is working within its design limitations. This may result in the engine being at a slight angle to the engine bed ie the front and rear mounts will be at different heights.
If you have something more akin to an Aquadrive, the angle is less critical and some would argue that these units work better when not lined up 'dead straight'.

Graham Booth  | 4.20PM, Thursday 22 October

Readers say:

Ok thanks for that graham. so if the book says for routine maintainance check engine alingment should this then be level to the engine bed.

mick turner  | 4.08PM, Thursday 22 October

Thanks again graham it makes sense on what you have said and what i can see in the engine bay.

mick turner  | 4.31PM, Thursday 22 October

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