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What is the cheapest fully comp. canal boat insurance ?

Asked by: Jos Flinn  | 3.10pm, Wednesday 28 October

WW says:

That is, unfortunately, a very difficult question. It depends on where your boat is moored, its value, its age (over 20yrs old, many will require an out-of-water hull survey).
Most companies now have facilities to search online- otherwise, the best answer is to look at the classifieds and advertisements in WW and ring round. We have the vast majority of companies that deal with inland craft advertising with us.
I am very sorry that I cannot be more specific than that- an insurer that is cheaper for one boater, may be much more expensive for a slightly different boat than another company. It can be very difficult- let us know how you get on.

Mark Langley  | 11.10AM, Thursday 29 October

£140pa sounds rather good value to me, actually- especially for a GRP topped narrowboat (some insurers don't like them- and really can't understand why not- they like GRP cruisers!).
Hope you have fun with your boat- older boats are great fun (and you get less worried about the odd paint scratch).

Mark Langley  | 5.34PM, Thursday 29 October

Readers say:

Many thanks for your reply Mark , the boat is a 42ft 1977 narrowboat , steel bottom , plastic top ( possably an ex hire boat ? ) I have a quote from "Cheers" of £ 140 pa - is this reasonable ?

Jos Flinn  | 4.36PM, Thursday 29 October

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