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Build a cratch

We would like to build a cratch for our 57ft narrowboat but are unable to find any books / plans /current articles - can you help please

Asked by: Gillian Hicks  | 4.04pm, Tuesday 3 November

WW says:

Waterways World has been running a series of articles by Mike Jordan about building a cratch. They appear in the September, October and November 2009 issues. Back copies of the magazine can be ordered by phoning 01283 742970.

Graham Booth  | 12.11PM, Wednesday 4 November

Readers say:

is it a standard, divided light, or three part cratch board your after.Try wilsons of kinver.they might send you out a brocher if you phone them,01384 872983.

thomas roberts  | 8.56PM, Tuesday 3 November

Many thanks - visiting boater has today given us articles for October and November so will get the latest copy from the marina office and start building !!!

Gillian Hicks  | 12.57PM, Wednesday 4 November

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