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Inverter repairs

I am looking for someone who can look at and repair my inverter, the oberload protection light comes on even with no load.
the suppliers habe not been helpful

Asked by: SP Gammond  | 7.46pm, Tuesday 10 November

WW says:

If you let us know what make of inverter it is and in which area the boat is moored, someone may be able to help you.

Graham Booth  | 5.51PM, Monday 16 November

Readers say:

The inverter is a Invertek pure sine wave inverter 1000w DAI-1000LP-122E
the overload protection warning light comes on without any load on the inverter

SP Gammond  | 7.38PM, Tuesday 17 November

My problem is solved:
M&R Controls in Derbyshire, 01773 875795, they are fast effect and reasonable. will use again if needed

SP Gammond  | 12.13PM, Saturday 12 December

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