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safe mooring on the Dudley Canal

Has anyone found a good place to moor in the Dudley area? Is Bumble Hole safe? Our boat recently came under attack at Merryhill and people who moored at the Harbour devt were kept awake till 3am by loud music from the clubs.

Asked by: marian bennett  | 10.27pm, Friday 13 November

WW says:

It may be a little out of your way, but Hawne Basin, at the current limit to navigation of the Dudley No 2 Canal, is carefully maintained by the Coombeswood Canal Trust who offer overnight mooring. We haven't heard any talk of trouble at Bumble Hole but would welcome reports. The BCN Society has a useful page, with some mooring info, at http://www.bcn-society.co.uk/BCNS_Photo_Gallery6.php .

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.24AM, Monday 16 November

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