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Finding cheap steel!

Lateral thinking on finding cheap steel for re bottoming!I was think about a restoration job on a very old boat(1900).I may or may not go ahead with this project but at the moment just gathering ideas.What sort of plate steel do i need?Could i source it else where,eg old farmers trailers,dis used skips or even a burnt out narrow boat.Scrapping the top and just keeping the base plate.What do you all think?

Asked by: 123henrye  | 11.15am, Monday 16 November

Readers say:

i think the sole plates on new boats are now 10mm thick.My narrowboat was built in 1975 and the steel thicknes was 1/4" all over which is around 6.2mm.
New boats i have read about are 10/6/4
10mm the sole plate 6mm the sides and 4mm the cabin structure.

edward Connolly  | 3.43PM, Monday 16 November

Old boats were made of good quality british steel and only needed 6mm steel, newer craft use cheap imported polish or chines steel so need to be 10mm thick to last any length of time. Time will tell if even this will stand up to the test of time

chris woodward  | 7.56PM, Thursday 26 November

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