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Narrowboat battery charging

I am considering getting a generator to assist the charging of my batteries on my 42ft narrowboat.
I was told by the generator company that normally the batteries can be charged by the 240v hookup if you connect it to a generator when the engine is not runnning.
This does not happen on my boat what would i have to do to the wiring to acheive this setup.

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 3.13pm, Monday 16 November

WW says:

Unfortunately, you do not say which generator you are thinking about buying.
Honda portable generators have 12-volt output which can be used to charge batteries directly but this is restricted to 'up to 12 amps'.
Alternatively, you could install a 230-volt to 12-volt marine battery charger on the boat and use the 230-volt current from the generator to power it via the 230-volt hook-up.

Graham Booth  | 5.48PM, Monday 16 November

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