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previous question on generators

yes i should have given more information sorry about that.
I have two batteries on my 42ft boat that act as starter and leisure batteries.Will one do to start the boat ?
i could then add one giving me a two battery bank for leisure.i would like to install a charger and feed it via a generator to charge all three batteries.A component list and electrical layour drawing would be handy

Asked by: edward Connolly  | 3.01pm, Wednesday 18 November

WW says:

One battery should be sufficient to start the engine provided it is in reasonably good condition. Most narrowboats have a single starter battery of about 90 amp/hours.
Two domestic batteries may be enough for your needs but, if you have an electric fridge, three would be better. 110 amp/hours is the norm for these.
Having separated the batteries into two 'banks', you need to isolate them from one another when the engine is switched off so that you can always start the engine even if the domestic batteries are low. This can be done with a relay or a split diode. The relative merits of these were discussed in a previous answer. Once the engine is running, the domestic batteries are charged by the alternator.
Since the system you are proposing involves 230-volt power, you would be well advised to engage the services of a qualified marine electrician.

Graham Booth  | 10.22AM, Thursday 19 November

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